Passionate beach-bum and eclectic crafter, 
working and creating in Monterey, CA

Outside Encased creates a variety of hand-crafted resin art inspired by the natural world. Be sure to check out the Etsy site for current offerings including lamps, wrist rests, bracelets, pendants, and more!

Recent Work

Craspedia & Fern Hexagon Light

This six-panel light features dried Craspedia, dried ferns, and alcohol ink that sits atop a wooden base painted with acrylic paint and sealed in resin. Six resined feet with dried leaves and petals give additional height to this lamp.

Custom Orders

I would love to partner with you in creating a custom piece! Pendants, bracelets, lights, wrist rests, etc. I will send photos/ask for your preferences every step of the way--I want to make sure you love what you get!

Stormy Rose & Cream Light

This ombre cube light transitions from light-cream to red, pink and clear. Small bits of red flowers and stems can be seen through the piece, day or night. A lovely accent to any work desk or nightstand.

Spring Flower & Purple Picture Frame Nightlight

This 8x10 abstract piece is made of dried spring flowers embedded in alcohol ink-swirled resin. The wooden frame is hung by hand-braided twine attached to hinges. Small strings of discreet fairy lights are woven into the back of the piece with a switch on the bottom right side of the frame for easy on/off access. Battery is replaceable and easily accessed.

Flower Bouquet & Sand Pendants

These flower bouquets are made from sand off of Asilomar Beach in Pacific Grove and natural dried flowers. These can be re-created in any flower color and sand color. A flower bouquet for a friend or family member that will never wither away and will always be close to their ❤.

Starfish & Ocean Wrist Rest

This resin-based ocean-themed piece uses natural shells, monterey sand, and small starfish. The base is made up of 4 resin-encased stabilizers so your rest lays flat and comfy.

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We can do that! Send us an inquiry and we will be in contact.